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  • martedì, maggio 04, 2004

    ...anno 1988 poco dopo l'epocale avvento degli smiths...
    Madchester and the second summer of love;
    The moment that dance culture moved from the clubs of Chicago and Detroit into the heart of British pop culture and the beginning of the era of the superstar DJ. Clubs such as London's Shoom and Manchester's Hacienda became the new temples of ecstasy-fuelled hedonism, and by the summer illegal raves were attracting druggy revellers in their thousands. Manchester became the centre of post-rave British pop, producing the Stone Roses and Happy Mondays, two of the most crucial bands to emerge from the post-acid house scene.

    La musica che sta nel mio cuore viene da Manchester.
    (The essential disturbance: 50 big moments in the 50 years of pop history)
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